Ajwain Seeds

Ajwain Seeds


Ajwain seeds, also known as Carom Seeds are an annual herb that offer a large number of health benefits. Its leaves and seed like fruits can both be consumed. Carom seeds are mostly added to Indian dishes and produce excellent flavoring in the dishes. They are also used for medicinal purposes and offer exceptional results.

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At CookZest, we understand the significance of Ajwain Seeds. We bring to you the fresh production of carom seeds in air-tight containers to help you get the exquisite taste and flavor in no time. Although it is bitter in taste, they offer medicinal benefits. This is a primary reason why ajwain seeds are a compulsion in majority of the households today. The ajwain seeds are light green to brown in color. You can easily consume them by frying them in hot oil before the vegetables are added. Several recipes are available to guide you about the dishes in which these can be used.

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