Bay Leaves 1LB

Bay Leaves 1LB


Bay Leaves are opted for the distinctive taste that they add to a particular dish. They can either be used fresh or dried and then added to the dish as a garnishing. But they should be removed from the dish before eating it. They can easily be added to add additional flavoring to soups, pates, stews etc.

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Bay Leaves are a type of herb that adds an extra edge to any dish. You can even dry them, grind them and add them to the dish if you are a fan of the leaves. In several countries, bay leaves are added to the curries or biryanis as well. They give a supreme taste and texturing to the dish each time. It is simply the choice of the cook on which type of bay leaves they would like to add to their recipes. If you belong to an Asian country, the presence of bay leaves in your kitchen is compulsory for exemplary taste.

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