Cashew Split

Cashew Split


When cashew nuts are carefully split into two parts from the midline, you get the Cashew Split. It is mostly purchased to reduce the effort of splitting the cashews when they have to be added to a particular dish. Cashew is a type of dry fruit with high nutritional value. 

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CookZest not only has machinery to take care of your perfect cashew splits but also has distributors who can offer products with the best quality possible. The cashews are not damaged during the process. The Packaging is perfected to ensure that cashews are only split from the midline and not broken during transportation. They are every bit as crunchy as you need it to be. Our cashews split are protected from the environmental conditions and its nutritions can be tasted in every bite that you take. Give your salads and deserts a new feel with the addition of the best cashews in your region today. 

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