Chana Dal

Chana Dal


Dals are a type of pulses that are split and might not need you to soak them for hours before they can be cooked and consumed. The terminology originated in the Indian region. Chana Dal is one of the most popular and widely consumed Dals in Asia today.

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Chana Dal brings forward high nutrition in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. They might taste like corn kernels and are often also known as baby chickpeas. These are polished and used in combination with other pulses to bring out the best flavor. There are a diverse number of recipes available where the Chana Dal can be used to give you a change from the normal types of dishes that you cook at home. In fact, these are widely used in several restaurants due to their exceptional taste and versatility. To keep the freshness intact, air tight packaging is done with the promise of longevity when you store it. 

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