Chilli Long Dry 1 Lb

Chilli Long Dry 1 Lb


Chilli Long Dry is one of the best ways to keep the flavour of chillies intact. If the chilli are not dried, they do not remain fresh or give the same taste as they are expected to. You can easily fry the long dry Chillies in hot oil before adding the rest of the ingredients to the dish.

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Chilli Long Dry are a common sight in Asian dishes. You will easily find them in the midst of the dish. If you wish to have chillies stored in your inventory for a long time, then the purchase of this product will prove to be perfect for you. You can easily draw them out and add them to hot oil to get the flavour and taste for the dish you have decided for the meal. It is a pure ingredient to give exceptional taste and beautiful color to the dish as well. 


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