Coriander Powder

Coriander Powder


Coriander is a herb that has excellent fragrance and antioxidants. Fresh coriander leaves are dried and grinding to a fine powder to achieve the best quality coriander powder. It is grown and distributed in several parts of the Asian countries. 

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Coriander powder or leaves are very commonly used as a herb for enhancing the taste and flavoring of the dish in its entirety. It is often sprinkled on dry dishes or added to the curry to give exceptional results. Coriander offers a large number of health benefits to its consumers. It not only helps in fighting infections but also reduces the blood sugar levels. It is accounted to be an ideal herb for improving the digestive system and improves the functioning of the vital organs of the human body. Coriander powder can be added with other spices to the dish or sprinkled on top towards the end of your cooking regime. 

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