Cumin Powder

Cumin Powder


Cumin Powder is also known as Jeera powder. It is obtained after the roasted cumin seeds are grinded into a fine powder. Cumin powder is known to be one of the basic ingredients for Asian dishes and carries the ability to change the taste of the dish entirely. 

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Cumin powder is often used in the form of seeds rather than powder. But the powder offers the same flavor and taste as the seeds. To get the right flavour of the cumin powder, it has to be added to hot oil for frying first. A low flame should be used to cook the powder. Cumin Powder is one of the most favorable spices that brings the highest amount of value to any Indian or Asian dish that you might have in mind. Cumin powder not only gives a natural aroma but also adds a nutritive value to the dish as a whole.  

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