Dalia Split

Dalia Split


Dalia is made after the chana dal is husked, split and roasted. It is widely used to make several different types of dishes like curries, chutneys, condiments etc. It can also be separately cooked with vegetables and consumed. It is among the gourmet food dishes that offers a high number of health benefits.

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CookZest brings in the best quality Dalia from the foremost manufacturers and suppliers. The packaging is air tight to preserve the nutrients and give you a delightful experience with every spoon. There are several types of packages available based on the consumption of a person or the family. We offer products from the top most suppliers of Dalia directly from the Asian region. Dalia is one of the most nutritious kinds of food products that is often served to patients as well. Organic dalia coupled with other vegetables can improve health considerably. It can be either prepared with sugar or salt.  

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