Desi Besan 1Lb

Desi Besan 1Lb


Desi Besan is one of the most common ingredients used to make several sweet or sour dishes in the Indian region. It is made from carefully grinding the ChickPeas into a fine powder. As chickpeas is a type of pulses, Besan is very healthy and nutritious in itself.

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From the best quality providers of Desi Besan, CookZest acquires affordable pricing for our customers. Desi Besan can be used for not only making dishes but also a large variety of sweets and bakery items. The nutritional value of desi besan is very high and that is the reason that a number of dishes in India are concentrated on the use of besan. It not only gives a change from the regular dishes but also gives a health benefit to the consumers. Besan has a lot of carbohydrates and other vitamins that make it more appropriate to be used as an alternative to other dishes.


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