Green Pistachio

Green Pistachio


Green Pistachio is a type of a dry fruit that often comes in beige colored shells outside. These seeds are edible and highly nutritious as they contain proteins, fiber and healthy fats. Taking out the green pistachios intact from their shells require efforts but this packaging includes the seeds without the shells.

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At CookZest we understand the varied ways through which the green pistachio are actually consumed. We bring forth the most crunchy and fresh green pistachio for your consumption. Dry fruits like Green Pistachio come along with several health benefits and nutritious elements that make it all the more important for human consumption. This dry fruit is mostly consumed without the need for cooking but it can be used as a topping for desserts. Green Pistachios are consumed worldwide for the numerous health benefits that it offers. Green Pistachio is also called Pista or Pista Kernels in some regions.

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