Kolhapuri Jaggery

Kolhapuri Jaggery


The sugarcane that is made in the fertile lands of Kolhapur are often described and popularly called the Kolhapuri Jaggery. This packing consists of 10 LB of that jaggery and comes along with the promise of best quality jaggery in the region.

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CookZest gets you the foremost quality Kolhapuri jaggery, directly from the manufacturers. The fertile land of Kolhapur assures excellent sugar grains and the colours of the grains are more transparent in this region. The coloured impurities in the Kolhapuri jaggery are minimal and come along with the promise of excellence and fresh taste. The popularity is because of the rich conditions of the water and soil in the region. Jaggery offers a large number of health benefits and that is the primary reason that it is consistently produced and sold in different parts of the world. Jaggery can be used for several dishes and beverages in the region today. 

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