Luknow Fennel Seeds

Luknow Fennel Seeds


Fennel Seeds or Saunf is among the most preferred herbs for Indian dishes. It comes from a species in the carrot family and brings about a special taste and aroma for the dishes. It is sweet in taste and excellent for digestion of food.

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CookZest has recognized the importance of Fennel Seeds and the varied qualities that are made available in the market today. The Lucknow Fennel Seeds are some of the best in this category and that is the primary reason that CookZest has associations with some of the best providers. We vouch to bring you the best quality products in the most durable packaging. You can easily store the fennel seeds and use them with their freshness intact in all accounts. The aroma is so delicate yet strong that it gives a different edge to the dish in consideration. It is often also consumed raw with sugar, after a meal to help with the digestion. 

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