Moong Whole


Moong Whole


Moong whole or Green Moong is one of the most protein rich pulses in its category. It is also called moong dal or green gram. It is a vegetarian food that is often cooked and consumed in different parts of the Indian subcontinent.

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Considering the wholesome benefits and the nutrition that the Moong Whole provides, CookZest brings the top quality product to you. It is very rich in proteins and vitamins which makes it all the more important for a healthy diet. Moong Whole is made in the form of a curry and can be easily cooked with spices. It is high in fiber and gives the stomach excellent digestive capability. You can easily find recipes online on the best ways to cook this Dal and enjoy it as a part of your next meal. Bring out a new dish to your menu which is not only rich in taste but nutritious as well.  

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