Raw Peanuts


Raw Peanuts


Raw peanuts are often used by consumers as snacks or as an addition to the desserts or other dishes. Peanuts are also known as groundnuts and are edible seeds. They are grown in different parts of the world and can be bought for both personal or commercial use.

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Raw peanuts can be further cooked, roasted or grinded for diverse types of uses. This packaging includes a very hygienic and stringent process of packaging these nuts. The crunchiness and the health nutrients are managed considerably. You can use it as a part of your snacks or as a topping on desserts and salads. Many individuals might use them to add in chocolates and even flour. The health benefits of raw peanuts or groundnuts are several and bring about distinct flavour even with raw consumption. You can even add salt to them and mix with other kinds of seeds or nuts any day. 

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