Star Anise

Star Anise


Star Anise is a spice that comes from an evergreen tree. It is shaped like a star and is often harvested for adding distinctive flavour to the dishes. It is majorly found in China and Vietnam and supplied to the rest of the countries. 

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CookZest brings in the best harvesters of Star Anise. The spice is properly dried and packaged to contain the natural flavor and aroma of spice. There is a stark difference between Star Anise and Aniseed. It is also termed as a herb for the medicinal qualities that it has. Star Anise has an exceptional component of vitamins and antioxidants that proves to be an exceptional benefit for the consumers. It is considered to be the best solution for diabetic individuals or people dealing with early aging problems. There are selective dishes in which it can be effectively used. Recipes and ideas can be found online on their best use.

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