Yellow Vatana Whole

Yellow Vatana Whole


Yellow Vatana Whole may also be known as Yellow Peas or White Peas. Several dishes are prepared with the use of Yellow Vatana. These are yellow in colour and round shaped. They add a mild flavour but give a beautiful texture to the dish.

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The Yellow Vatana Package weighs 2 LB and it is often used to make curry items or snacks. Along with the health and nutritious value that it adds to the dish, it is also known to provide a delicate flavour. It has a soft texture and brings thickness to soups. It is a part of several recipes and comes in varied packages. The split peas have become an essential part of several households and can be used to bring about a change in the regular dishes on the menu. The freshness in every granule can be seen and stored for use as per the need of the consumers.

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Weight2 lbs

1 LB, 2 LB


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